Working to Serve Others: An Interview with CEO Ken Grace


We invited business leader Ken Grace to tell us about his company, Financial Architects, and offer insights from his journey. We wanted to know how millennials and his company create a work environment where meaning is experienced and personal value is developed.

Ken began his life-long dedication to fostering meaningful, long-term relationships with people in 1985 through his company, Financial Architects. Ken’s people-centered approach to business allows him to be involved in the lives of his employees and clients in a personal way. He told us, “We honor individuals in a healthy way. We flourish. I want to pay attention to if they’re dating, divorced, etc. I want to be involved and walk through that with them.”

We Know That We Matter

Ken’s philosophy is simple. He wants to have an impact on people’s lives by serving them in the right way. His vision is for everyone to love what they do and find a purpose in their work. “Fall in love with doing the right thing the right way. If we do that, the results that we get are tremendous not only from a financial standpoint, but from a sense of purpose because we know that we matter,” Ken said.

Financial Architects finds much of their purpose in giving back to the community.They are heavily involved in The Baldwin Center, an organization based out of Pontiac, Michigan that helps homeless people by providing food and shelter. Some of the founding members of the company also work with the Boys and Girls Club.

Money Is Not The Goal

Listening to Ken’s view on the millennials in his workplace was encouraging. He truly respects his millennial employees’ views and values their approach to work and life. He told us,

“The way millennials approach money is refreshing. Boomers think ‘It’s all about me, what can I buy, etc.’ Millennials do it completely different. They take a serious, educated approach. Money is not the goal. Money is a means to having a fulfilled life.”