What to Put on A Resume When You Majored in Philosophy


So you’re trying to get a real job. Good for you, Mr. (or Mrs.) Grown Up. But what to put on a resume?

When your degree is in philosophy…

Writing your resume and making it shine can be a bit of a challenge when you are fresh out of college, minored in aerial yoga, and have no real work experience to speak of other than your stint at Chick-fil-A.

Looking at job placement sites can be a bit discouraging. It seems like even positions that pay $20,000 a year want a minimum of five years experience and a postgraduate education. So what’s a Liberal arts major to do?

Fear not. You can still have a halfway-decent resume even when you have no marketable skills to speak of.

If you had a spectacular GPA, list it

Be sure to list your college GPA and any academic honors you may have received. Even if your major was less-than-marketable (or just stupid), many employers just want to see that you are hard-working enough to complete a degree and to do so with honors.

Include internships, volunteer work, and other unpaid employment

These things count as valuable work experience, even if no one ever gave you a cent for it. Employers are looking for work ethic. They do not want an entitled millennial who expects a gold star and a pat on the back every time they wipe their butt properly. Show them you are willing to work hard, even when it’s not for monetary gain.

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Write a killer cover letter

Include an off-the-charts cover letter that explains both why you want the job and why you would be a good fit for the company. Use those essay writing skills, darn it! Put the humanities to work! A really smokin’ cover letter can really set you apart in the resume pile. Write it well, write it honestly, and show your enthusiasm.

Good luck out there, and happy job hunting. And in the meantime, try not to cry too much about your student loans. Maybe, one day, the zombie apocalypse will come and actually wipe them out. (Fingers crossed.)