What It’s Like to Work for Simventions – One of the Top 50 Best Places to Work

lindsey biggs, employee at Simventions

What’s it like to work in a Top 50 Best Places to Work company (Inc Magazine 2016)?  We interviewed Millennials at SimVentions, about 40 miles south of Washington DC.

When the CEO of SimVentions, Larry Root, refers to Lindsey Biggs as the face of the company, Lindsey feels like she’s more than just a receptionist. “It’s not a thankless job, and it’s always made known that you’re appreciated.” Although she answers all of the incoming calls, greets visitors at the door, and posts job requirements, she feels like everyone is equal at SimVentions, and she is always acknowledged as more.

When asked where her job falls on her current career path, she states, “I want to be here forever.” She has been looking into HR and security to see how she’d like to advance her career. Regardless of where she will be in the company, it is her “life plan to be here.” She declares, “I’ve never had a day where I’ve said, ‘I’m ready to quit’ after three years here.”

When she elaborates, Lindsey opines that the company is, “Totally different from other places.” Working at a few different businesses over the years, her direct manager never asked her about family or life. There was the straight-up, business 9-to-5, and then you never speak to them again, and not for lack of trying. At SimVentions, that’s just not the case. “The people that are here have made you a better person just by interacting with them. They get you out of your comfort zone.” She elaborates on her first day experience: she was super nervous, but everyone was caring. “They asked lots of questions and wanted to get to know you. About a hundred people came up and talked,” she laughs.

She then summarizes her experience by talking about her favorite day at SimVentions. “Definitely the Halloween contest two years ago. We did ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as a theme, and government customers coming in [dressed] as WOZ characters. We won!” She contrasts this to previous interactions with customers, where the relationships being cultivated are insulated between the contractor and the government.

So, what about the company beyond the normal work hours? “SimVentions helps employees outside of work as well. We do clothes drives and Stop Hunger Now events. I believe we are impacting the community. It’s amazing, and it’s changed my life.” She states that the first thing that comes to mind about the culture at SimVentions is family. She feels like a part of a family coming to work. Her daughter views it as a second home.

When asked about her personal activities outside of work, Lindsey says that for a ‘kind of’ outside of work activity, she is a softball coach for the co-ed office team. “SimVentions sponsors us every year and people all over the company come to play. Lots of sons and daughters, husbands and wives playing. My dad taught me how to play. I’ve played since I was 6.” Good thing Lindsey can always be counted on to step up to the plate.

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