We Want Blue-Collar Jobs

blue collar job

It’s a strange thought, in a country that once placed such a high value on a college education, that an entire generation would gravitate towards blue-collar jobs. The image of wealth and prosperity that we’ve grown up with has always been associated with white-collar jobs, like lawyers, doctors, and bankers.

Instead of the white-collar idea of wealth, Millennials are choosing more labor intensive, vocational jobs. And it’s not because we don’t want to go to college, it’s because we want to do something we like, and something less effected by the current economy. Plus, Millennials are a lot less likely to do something just because everyone else says it’s what we should do. So getting a college education isn’t something we’ll be likely to go through with just because it’s what “successful” people have done for the last few decades.

There’s opportunity in these trades for Millennials to step in. Not only is there a shortage of skilled workers, there is a shortage of workers that understand the up and coming generation. Jason Leverant, interviewed by the nypost, says this, “Have you ever tried to call a plumber or electrician who will answer the phone right away? There’s such a big opportunity here for millennials to step in.”

The market is open, and Millennials are stepping in.

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