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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I made a fresh pot of coffee. I got pulled away on a work call. When I come back to the coffee pot ten minutes later only to find that the entire twelve cup coffee pot has been emptied, and there is no sign of a new pot in the works. It also looks like the entire station was ravaged by a pack of wild animals. In an office of 20+ employees, how can it be that I seem to be the only responsible adult among them? How difficult can it be to toss a hand full of grounds in a filter, add water and press start? Also, why can’t anyone seem to clean up the debris they have strewn across an entire break area? It’s called personal responsibility and human decency, people! Get it together! This has definitely become a particular stress point in the office. No amount of polite requests or office procedures that are implemented seem to have an effect on the situation so I guess for now I have become the defacto “office barista” and “coffee pot technician.” Help!