Money Saving Work Perks That’ll Have You Updating Your Resume


If you’re a member of the millennial generation and you’ve been looking for work, there’s probably something that’s been pleasantly surprising for you: workers are in demand. In fact, some areas are even facing labor shortages, leading to competition, especially for skilled workers. And more and more employers are finding that millennials are going to consume an even greater percentage of their workforce, particularly as baby boomers age out of working and edge toward retirement. Take this number, for example:

By the year 2020, millennials are expected to be the workplace’s biggest percentage.  

However, there are key differences to understand about millennials that can help you as an employer know what to offer to appeal to them, and what as a millennial you can use to bargain your way into a job that really attracts and keeps you. For example, about forty percent have a bachelor’s degree, but that achievement has certainly come with a cost. There’s more student debt for this generation than for any other generation. So that’s one key way that employers can appeal to the younger generation, and one key way that millennials can bargain for a perk that’s unique to them: help with student loan debt.

40% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree, but that achievement has certainly come with a cost.

And millennials aren’t done learning. They often want to go back to school, and offering some sort of tuition assistance program can be another key perk. They also are interested in eating well and eating at work (and maybe having some coffee, too). So healthful food and interesting morning beverages are a great way to distinguish oneself (and perks to ask for at work, too).



So what else should millennials be aware of when it comes to workplace perks, and what are great ways to ask for them? This graphic explains some of the options.

Appeal to Millennials With These Money-Saving Work Perks

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