I love my job, but I’m exhausted

I love my job but I'm exhausted girl

When you’re lucky enough to be able to say, “I love my job” it’s natural to devote every waking moment to it. You think about it all the time, you go in early and come home late, all the social events you attend are part of work – It’s great that you love your job, but it can get pretty exhausting to put all of yourself into it all the time.

“I can’t do my best for a job I love if I don’t take care of myself.”

I love my job, but I’m exhausted

Like everything in life, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Ice cream is great. But eating a gallon of ice cream every night is going to get old fast (unless you’re one of those annoying people that can eat anything without gaining weight or feeling like you bathed in butter). Your stomach hurts, your energy is depleted and your health has taken a turn for the worse. It’s the same with a job you love. You can repeat to yourself “I love my job” over and over, but that won’t remedy the way it’s draining you. You need to come to terms with one thing: “I can’t do my best for a job I love if I don’t take care of myself.”

Because if you aren’t taking care of yourself, then you aren’t able to give your very best to a job you really care about.

How Can You Keep Balance?

  • Learn to compartmentalize. Leave work at work. This allows your brain to take a break and refresh itself before the next day.
  • Take “mind breaks” throughout the day. Every couple of hours, get up from your desk and walk outside. Smell the fresh air and do some quick stretches. Come back to your work with a fresh mind.
  • Decide on a specific time of night to turn your phone off. Don’t take work calls after this time.
  • Find a hobby. Join a gym. Enroll in a sport. Get involved in a non-job related activity that you enjoy. This helps keep your mind off of the job and compartmentalize your personal life from your work life.

Finding a good balance between your work life and personal life won’t just benefit your health and sanity, it will also benefit your employer. When you take a step back from work, you’re allowing your mind to be more capable and agile when you come back, and that’s what you need to put your best foot forward in the workplace.

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