Hate Your Job? When (and how) to Leave


Hate your job? Maybe it’s time to move on. Here are a few clues that it’s time to leave your job, and how to do it without burning any bridges.

Sometimes work is hard, stressful, and draining. When all of that stress starts to affect other areas of your life, it’s time to think about moving on.

Clue #1 They are taking advantage

This is a situation familiar to many. You’ve become too accommodating. You regularly change your schedule, pick up the slack, take on extra responsibilities and leave each day feeling, well … used. If you are feeling taken advantage of, look around and ask, Is there a clear pecking order? Will the next hire be the new “step and fetch it?”  Finally, ask yourself, is that the kind of place you want to work? If not, it is definitely time to leave.

Dos and Don’ts for major grievances.

  • Don’t to storm out.
  • Don’t quit when you’re emotional.
  • Don’t quit by text, email or telepathy.
  • Do take the time after work to draft a letter of resignation.
  • Do deliver it in person.
  • Do work out your two weeks notice. It will be a long two weeks, but your reputation will remain intact.
  • Do ask for an exit interview. Yes, call it that. Even if it sounds formal and ridiculous, it will set the tone.
  • Do take the time to, in a face to face setting, to lay out for your supervisor the reasons you are leaving.

Clue #2 You’re being treated poorly

Unfortunately, some work environments can be a vicious and even toxic. There are times when you might find yourself a target of unfair or discriminatory treatment treatment. If you’ve done all you can do to resolve the conflict and you still feel uncomfortable at work, it’s time to move on.

Quitting Tip

Don’t spend hours or days obsessing about why you have been treated poorly by supervisors, co-workers or even support staff. There’s little or nothing you could have done differently. Understand this: There is no reason why. Some people are irrational. They just need to feel a sense of control, and they treat you poorly to make themselves feel like they are something more than they are.

Clue #3 It’s affecting all areas of your life

Sometimes work is hard, stressful, and draining. But when all of that stress starts to affect other areas of your life, it’s time to think about moving on. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll always have hard days at work, but when it becomes the norm, and there is no relief, that’s when it’s time to leave.

Quitting Tip

Successful coaches (life and sports) say that the secret to success is to visualize your future. Now, close your eyes and imagine your ideal work environment. What does it sound like? What does it smell like? Who is working with you? Who is working for you? Now begin to plan for it. Take the steps to make it happen.