I hate my job already! What do I do?

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You just started a new job, and you haven’t even been there three months. Yet, you’re already screaming, “I hate my job!” Do you risk leaving now? Or do you stay, and risk becoming bitter? It’s a hard decision to make, so here are some things to consider.

1. “I hate my job!” Why?

Sit down and ask why you hate your job. Is it your boss? Your job description? Is it your coworkers? The company?

Make a list of things you hate, dislike, and don’t enjoy doing. List it all, and be honest with yourself. This helps you introduce some logic into what is probably an emotional situation.

2. Study the list.

Once you’ve made the list, read over it several times. Find things that you can change or view differently. Some of the things you’re frustrated about might be things you can change. If you think changing those things will help your hatred for the job go away, then your problem is solved! If not, that’s alright too. Consider which things are really worth quitting over, and whether another company will have those same challenges.

3. Ask yourself: “Why did I take this job?”

It’s a very important question to ask. Did you take it for the pay? Because it looked better than your last job? Because you had no job at all before it?

Find the reason, or multiple reasons maybe, that you took the job. Knowing this will help you decide what to do next.

4. Your next job offer

This is where that earlier question comes into play. If you took the job because you had no other job offers, you can’t really leave at the drop of a hat. But if you have other job offers on the table, other opportunities open to you, maybe it’s time to go back and consider them.

5. Remember, search for a job while you still have one.

Depending on where you ended at step four, this next step differs. If you know you the other job opportunities still open, look into them and see which you think you would like. Remember though to compare the jobs to your list from earlier! If something on that list is in another job opportunity, you will not enjoy that job either.

6. Consider the ramifications of leaving.

Depending on how career oriented your job is, leaving could have several ramifications. If you’re working a job as a retail associate, they are probably used to people coming and going in short time spans. If you’re in a job at a big company where people tend to stick around for at least a year, it could be difficult to leave after just a few months without burning any bridges. Consider whether or not it is really worth leaving or if you can stick it out for awhile longer to maintain your reputation.

Try to take a step back and consider the situation objectively. When you get into a rut of hating your job, it’s easy to be frustrated at everything, even normal things that just happen. Don’t let yourself get bitter, and consider if what you’re looking for is realistic.

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