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Write a guest post. Get it published.

If you’ve got something to say, we definitely want to hear about it. Before submitting your guest post, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

Article Length

Typical articles on Honestly Mag are 400-600 words, but we like our guest articles to be 500+ words. Why? Because you’re our guest, and we want you to really get down and dirty with what you have to say.


Here at Honestly Mag, we like to be, well…honest. We’re a blunt, sassy bunch who value engaging discourse on topics that matter. Be yourself, and write like you’re sitting around the table with a bunch of friends. Pop/culture references are accepted and welcomed, especially if they’re witty and applicable (we once had someone compare Game of Thrones to the workplace).

We love hearing about personal experiences as they apply to our readers. If you have a relevant story to tell, send it to us!

Your Byline

We will need a 1-2 sentence byline to place at the end of your article, which you should include when you submit your Content Idea. We will also include your social handles and a link to your website.


You may include no more than 1 link to your personal website in the body of the article. Other links to relevant, useful content are welcomed. We like to see 2 or more outbound links to quality sites in guest posts.


Honestly is mainly focused on helping people find value and purpose in the workplace. To achieve that end, we like to publish articles on a wide variety of topics. Here are some of the main ones we like to cover:
– Finding purpose/value in the workplace
– Trouble with bosses/coworkers
– Managing your money/personal finance
– Character/values as they apply to the workplace

Other Rules and Such

We run all articles through Copyscape to make sure they aren’t just spun content.

Once you submit content to us, we own the rights to use it in any Honestly Mag publications. You’ll still be credited as the author.

Proper spelling and grammar are non-negotiables. Check your article before submission.


You don’t have to submit a finished article right away, but if you do and it fits all of our guidelines, it will probably get published pretty quickly. If you’d rather run an idea by us first, use the Content Idea box.

We’re excited to hear what you have to say!