The Batman Effect – Make a Difference at Work

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Okay, okay so you aren’t a costumed crime fighter lurking around the streets of a major metropolis at night, attempting to bring criminals to justice. Be that as it may, you have one major thing in common with the Dark Knight: you want to make a difference at work, even when no one else seems to care. Even though they may go unnoticed or receive no recognition, your contributions will ultimately have an impact on your job and everyone around you. I call this, “The Batman Effect.”

Don’t Be a “Joker”

To quote Alfred Pennyworth from Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Some people just don’t care what happens around them or how their actions (or lack of actions) negatively impact the workplace. No one likes those people because they’re the worst, and they just bring everyone else around them down. Don’t be a Joker. He’s a jerk.

Your work ethic reflects your character. So if you work hard, even when nobody else does, you’re basically Batman.

Be like Batman

One of Batman’s defining qualities is his desire to continue his work despite opposition, lack of support, or both. Even though he was treated as an outlaw and social outcast most of the time, he continued to make a difference at work (er…in Gotham) to better the lives of those in Gotham City. Because he could help, he felt like he had to. The principle remains the same for you. If others are unwilling to help, or don’t seem to care about their work, don’t let it affect your work ethic. Keep on keepin’ on. Your work ethic reflects your character. So if you work hard, even when nobody else does, you’re basically Batman.

Why It Matters

Not everyone viewed Batman as a great guy in the end. In fact, he made himself the villain just so people wouldn’t lose faith in someone who embodied good (Harvey Dent). He did it for his city. Now, I’m not saying you need to make such a huge sacrifice for your workplace—I hope your office isn’t quite as bad as Gotham—but the point is that Batman did what he thought was right, even though it ruined the way people viewed him. That’s the key. Maintain good character, even when others don’t view it that way.

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