5 Workplace Annoyances That Will Make You Want to Flip Tables

lady dealing with something frustrating

For most people, having a job is a necessity. If you want to have a place to live and food to eat, you need a job. The majority of the time, your job is fine. You show up, do your work, and go home. If you’re lucky, you’re in a field that you love and you really enjoy your job. But no matter how much you like your job, there are those things that are just…annoying. Let’s be real, these are the things that make you want to flip tables.

5 Workplace Annoyances That Get on Your Last Nerve

  1. Slobs

Everyone has worked with one. You may even live with one which makes tolerating the work slob even tougher. Their office or cubicle is littered with food wrappers and empty coffee cups. This is the person who microwaves their lunch without a cover, turning the office microwave into a disgusting repository of caked on spaghetti sauce and burnt cheese (they probably leave those couple extra seconds on the timer too). And if you happen to be heading into the bathroom while they are heading out, just turn around and resolve to hold it until you get home.

  1. Pointless Meetings

Bosses love meetings. After all, meetings solve everything. These meetings typically start by recapping what happened in the last meeting and end with setting up a new meeting to discuss the 5 minutes of actual work completed during the meeting. Even worse: meetings without food. Because why else would you have a meeting?

  1. Lazy Co-workers

It is likely that in every place you’ve ever worked you have had that one lazy co-worker. Around here, we call him Bob. He breezes in late, skips out early, and manages to do as little work as possible. Bob has no problem asking you to help him with his projects and workload yet is mysteriously swamped with work when you need a favor from him.

  1. The One-Upper

Almost worse than Bob is the one-upper. The one-upper is busier than you are, stays later than you, writes longer reports than you, and even brings better treats on office food day than you. No matter what you achieve at work, keep it to yourself. You can bet that if the office one-upper gets wind of it, you’ll soon be hearing about their achievements (which are just a little better than yours).

  1. Technology/Office Equipment That Just Won’t Work

Perhaps the best workplace scene in a movie comes from the 1999 movie Office Space. Three co-workers in shirts and ties take the ever obstinate copier from their office after being laid-off and take their frustrations out on it with a bat and their fists. Nothing throws a wrench in productivity like office equipment refusing to work.

Feel free to use this article as a passive aggressive way to tell your coworker that he makes you want to flip tables.