So you’ve been in the working world for all of three years, and you’re already flat-out done. What do you do when you’re still 40+ years from retirement, and you already dread your daily 9-to-5 grind? No one should be tired of work that soon, right??

I was sitting across from some young college girls at a hipster coffee shop recently when I overheard one of them say, “Can you imagine going to work one day and knowing you have to go back to work again the next day? I just couldn’t deal!” It was all I could do to not snort my honey-habanero latte out of my nose. (Plus, that would’ve burned.) These underclassmen just could not imagine a world where they would be required to work upwards of five days a week. Hate to break it to you, buttercup, but we all got to make a living somehow. Not all of us can pull in 100K a year being a lifestyle-Instagrammer. (If you can, more power to you.) What you might need is a change of job, but more likely what you need is a change in perspective. Here’s how to get your crap together and get your mind right.

Try to realize that having a job at all is a pretty freaking big privilege

If someone is willing to pay you for your time so that you’re able to buy food and health insurance and pay your rent, that’s a pretty sweet deal. It’s actually a huge blessing to have any job. Try to remember that.

You’ve got to pay your dues

Contrary to what the CW would have you believe, we are not all given our dream job at a fashion magazine/underwater laboratory/space station/Michelin starred restaurant the moment we graduate from college. Most of us have to work our way up the ladder to achieve our goals and dreams. Does that mean you might hate your job for a few years? It might. Know what your big dream is, and be willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

You are probably not a prodigy. Most people are not miraculously gifted with A Certain Skill. Most likely, you need to work hard to become really, really good at what you want to do. So now’s the time to put in the work. Do you want to be a writer? Then write. Write before work. Write on your lunch break. Write in the evening when you could be binging on Netflix. You’ve got to do the work if you want the reward. There is no place for lazy in the realm of creative and successful people.